[Workshop] [Denver] Metal Etching

Metal Etching
Etching is no longer the messy technique using grounds, or the
awkward and time-consuming manipulation of screen printing. Easy
access to acetates for a carrier sheet, carbon toner from a photocopy
machine or laser printer, and a simple heat transfer to the metal,
greatly simplifies this process. With the advent of computers and
graphics editing programs, even the art illiterate can produce great
designs, with the ability to easily blow up and shrink designs to
your requirements. These tech niques take the drudgery out of etching
and make it fun and successful. Prerequisites: This is an excellent
class for beginners and advanced students alike. Even those with no
previous metalsmithing experience can successfully complete a

Instructor: Katherine Palochak
Katherine is an excellent instructor! I=92ve attended two of her
classes and found her to be a thoroughly engaging expert in metal
arts. This weekend workshop will be conducted at the Clear Creek
Academy of Jewelry and Metal Arts (formerly the Denver Jewelry

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Clear Creek Academy

Assist others in searching for the right school. If you are looking
to expand your vocabulary in art, or the proper way to sharpen a
graver, we welcome your education experience.

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