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[Workshop] [Denver]Fold Forming & Score Folding

Aug. 20 and 21: Fold Forming & Score Folding

This workshop teaches the fundamentals of making three-dimensional
forms using the principles developed by the Canadian jeweler, Charles
Lewton-Brain. These forms are rapidly developed using shortcuts with
the rolling mill, and combined with more traditional techniques
utilizing forging and soldering. Each principle requires several
hours of basic instruction. The rest of the class is comprised of
"challenges" and experimentation.

  • For form, the rolling mill is used to quickly develop a basic form,
    which is then further developed with forging, resulting in mostly
    flowing, organic structures. The resulting forms, which are
    lightweight, are then “frozen” in their forms with solder.

  • For score, the rolling mill is used primarily for embossing
    patterns, and the main development is done with the aid of cut-off
    wheels. Obtuse and acute angles and curves are formed and "frozen"
    with solder.

Workshop is designed for Intermediate level jewelers and
metalsmiths, Instructor: Katherine Palochak

Katherine Palochak has published several articles on metalsmithing
topics, and I thoroughly enjoy her workshops when she travels
through Denver! To view some examples of her technique, see her
Orchid gallery at

For more about the Denver workshop, see the course
catalog for Clear Creek Academy:

Sandra A. Grotewohl

Aug. 20 and 21: Fold Forming & Score Folding
For more about the Denver workshop, see the course
catalog for Clear Creek Academy:

I just wanted to add to Sandra’s description of the workshop. For
those who have taken my workshops before, you know I teach intensive
workshops, where you learn a lot of material in a very short time.
You leave with a thorough understanding of the material so you will
remember it, and be able to apply it in your home studio, shop or
classroom. We have a lot of fun, but I work your fingers to the
bone. This workshop is wickededly intensive: meaning a lot of hard
work, but not hard to do. But it takes you to a lot of new directions
with forms you never considered possible. There are several open
spots in the workshop yet, and I prefer a full class for the synergy.
You will find I’m very organized, with the capability of teaching a
lot of students at once; complete with lots of handouts and
one-on-one guidance. Charles Lewton-Brain developed these techniques
to new heights, and the forms are exciting and very distinctive.
Please join us for 2 days of the hardest and most productive work you
will do.