[Workshop] [Denmark] Chasing and Repousse

We are proud to announce that the master silversmith Valentin Yotkov
has accepted to give a 5 day workshop in Chasing and Repousse at The
Bornholm Jewellery School at Rutsker Holiday Resort from June 3 to
June 7, 2007.

Valentin Yotkov is probably the hottest name in chasing and repousse
today and well known to members of Orchid.

The workshop is limited to eight students and reservations are
accepted on a first come first serve basis.

Rutsker Holiday Centre is situated on the Danish Island of Bornholm
in the middle of the Baltic Sea about three hours travel from
Copenhagen. The surroundings are rural, beatiful and very inspiring.
Students will stay at the Holiday Centre, where they also will be
catered for.

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@Niels_Lovschal or post@rutskerferie.dk

Niels Lovschal
Contemporary and Viking Age Jewellery
Classes in Jewellery Techniques
Bornholm, Denmark