[Workshop] Damascus Workshop

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to tell you about a workshop I am conducting at Metalwerx
in Boston, October 8th & 9th, 2005. On Friday evening Oct. 7th at 7pm
I will also be giving a Powerpoint presentation on my work at

“Damascus Steel as a Jewelry Element”, this class is geared
towards the use and incorporation of Damascus for non-knife
objects. I will cover working and finishing this ancient,
mysterious material.

In this class students will be introduced to the use of
Damascus steel. This is not a class on making the material, but
rather on how to use it. I will cover the use of this ancient
material, through instruction on cutting, shaping, polishing, &
etching. Drilling & tapping, as well as other connection
techniques via bezel, prong setting, and soldering will be
explored if time permits. I will provide the raw material and a
selection of patterns (in different price ranges) for the
students that they will purchase directly from me. Students
will work on basic objects in class such as cabochons, beads &
pendants. I will be providing a rough overview on how Damascus
is made, and provide a list of reputable suppliers. The class
will teach metalsmiths how to approach the material in a
general and correct way, from the metallurgy of the material
to the decorative potential in shaping and etching. This
fundamental knowledge can then be applied to a wide range of
objects. Intermediate/advanced jewelers.

Limited space is still available. Contact

I have also just added new work to my website.


Hope to see you…

(323) 559-7454