[Workshop][Dallas] Hydraulic press workshop

Hi all, I am scheduled to teach a hydraulic press class next month
in Dallas. I hear there are a couple of spots open.

Bracelets, Containers, and Rings - Using the Hydraulic Press
March 4 - 6, 2005
Public Lecture March 4, 7-9pm
Craft Guild of Dallas
14325 Proton Road - Dallas, TX 75244
972-490-0303 -

Cynthia Eid

Hi Cynthia -

I am so glad that you posted about this workshop because I needed
to ask you a question and didn’t know how to reach you.

Recently Jack da Silva announced a series of workshops, including
one of yours. I’ve been trying to take one of your classes for a
while now, so I wrote back to him asking for a Web site with more
like prices and specific dates, but he never replied.

I don’t want to miss that workshop unless it’s already too late. Do
you know how I can get more info? I really need to ask now to get
the time off later.

Linda Castellani