[Workshop] [Dallas] Galvanic etching

Galvanic etching & Anticlastic Bracelet
March 19 & 20 10am-6pm $245
only one spot available

The Craft Guild of Dallas workshop

Call the office to register 972-490-0303

Galvanic etching is an electrolytic process, the principles of which
have been known since the early 19th century, and the original
process was patented in 1840 and called electro-etching.

This workshop will demonstrate the galvanic process on a small scale
for studio applications. Students will learn to electrically photo
etch with minerals bronze, copper, sterling and steel. Steel plates
can be photo etched to use in die presses for texture plates. 4
projects in this class include several image transfer methods as
well as resists and intaglio techniques that will be used to create
several etched bracelet blanks. After students etch a bracelet blank
in each material, they will then learn to anticlastically raise them
into cuff bracelets using NC BLACK Co’s end hook stakes and mallets.
NC Black Co. will have also have tools available to purchase