[Workshop] Crocheting in Gold

Michael David Sturlin will be giving a “Crocheting in Gold”
workshop at Metalwerx, June 21-25.

Michael David Sturlin is an internationally recognized jewelry
artist, and winner of a Gold Trends 2000 Award from the World Gold

In this workshop, we will create an 18 karat hand crochet gold
bracelet with a hand-fabricated clasp.We will learn: making crochet
needles; forming, annealing, drawing, and finishing the chain;
fabricating end caps, the clasp, and connections.

Other topics covered will include: studio organization, record
keeping, determining the amount of metal for a project, calculating
material costs, selecting and ordering wire, and pricing finished
items. Michael will demonstrate variations of crochet chain shapes
and sizes, and will display examples of his elegant crochet

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