[Workshop] Creating sculptural jewelry

the seattle metals guild is pleased to announce that cynthia eid
will be presenting a lecture and 3 day workshop in january of 2011!
register at seattlemetalsguild.org.

thursday, january 20, cynthia will be presenting a free lecture from
7:00pm-8:30. lecture title two part: hydraulic press for jewelry and
holloware & the metal works of cynthia eidfriday - sunday she will be
offering her course creating sculptural jewelry and small vessels
using the hydraulic press. lynne hull of north seattle community
college has agreed to host cynthia’s course at the college!

the workshop, creating sculptural jewelry and small vessels using
the hydraulic press runs from 9:30-5:00 january 21-january 23, 2011.

north seattle community college is providing the facilities for both

course description: create sculptural jewelry and small vessels using
the hydraulic press

learn to use the biggest “hammer” in the studio! working with the
hydraulic press can free the student/artist to discover and invent
new forms. demonstrations of hydraulic press techniques or tools will
alternate with time for hands-on work and experimentation. cynthia
brings lots of samples, which show the potential for each tool. the
workshop will begin with hydraulic press basics, including safety and
care with the press, and why and how to take advantage of urethanes
in different thicknesses and hardnesses. after this introduction, the
emphasis will be on newer tools and techniques, since this is a
short, fast-paced, three-day workshop. use bonny doon deep draw tools
to form flat 3-inch discs into seamless cylinders (with bottoms) that
can become containers, stamp boxes, bud vases, or vessel pendants. in
one step, a 3" disc of sheet metal can become the bottom half of a
container that is 1" tall and 1 3/4" in diameter. in 5 more
pressings, it can be drawn to 5/8" in diameter and 2 1/2" long. the
tube can be sliced to make seamless rings. we will explore the
possibilities of containers and rings made by deep drawing 3-inch
diameter metal discs. other tools we will work with include: the
freeform bracelet kit, the new steel synclastic and anticlastic
forming tools, the original delrin anticlastic forming set, the new,
steel embossing plates, and the new bonny doont precision die
forming system, which concentrates the force of the press, creating
the ability to get more detail in thicker metals.