[Workshop] [CO] Ferrous Musings

Ferrous Musings / Fusings iron / fused gold workshop. July 14-18,
2014. Salida, CO

Announcing the 5 day intensive Ferrous Musings/Fusings workshop in
Salida, CO at Judy Hoch’s Marstal Smithy studio. We will be working
with galvanic salt water etching, creating micro-chisels (tagane),
and exploring a multitude of textures in iron using hand chisels
(tap-tap), hammer hand piece, and a variety of hammers. We will be
alloying 3 specific golds, and then we will fuse the various golds
to the etched/textured iron (mild steel). Finally we will be
forming, finishing, adding patinas, and sealing the work.

Workshop description and sign-up is on the Workshop page on my
urban-armour.com website: http://www.ganoksin.com/gnkurl/ep81f3

The course fee is $875, with a kit fee of $55. Students are
requested to bring.25 ozt (5 dwt) of 24K fine gold (.999) granules
for alloying.

This course is a lot of fun with a lot of learning. Sign up today!