[Workshop] [CO] Blowpipe and 18K Granulation

WORKSHOP - Kent Raible - Blowpipe Basics and an Introduction to 18K

Salida, Colorado July 14-15, 2015

Breathe fire into your work! Propane blowpipes allow you to
micro-control the environment around your work, reducing oxidation
while helping you focus during heating operations. A good basic
soldering torch, they are also perfect for creating the reducing
atmosphere required for this 18K granulation technique. With
practice, and mastery of circular breathing, you can control the
semi-liquid surface of the metal at super high heat, and even achieve
a beautiful shiny finish to the gold.

Class covers use of the torch, and alloys, formulas for 18K
granulation and copper salt assisted fabrication, and making
granules. Included in the class fee Kent will provide granulation
glue and copper salts.

Go to http://www.ganoksin.com/gnkurl/y5 and click on Events to

Registration closes July 1st.