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Workshop clutter

Hi Dave Finally something I can respond to in this forum! I’m
still a metal neophyte, but I am raising three kids so I know my
separated plates. Great idea - The plastic version of your Chinet
plates are available at stores such as Target, or Pic 'N Save,
even some grocery stores - look in the picnic supplies section.
Also, some frozen dinners come with divided plastic trays (yes, I
know too much salt, but without modern food science I would have
no time to create).

Also, about clutter … Creative clutter is not a problem, unless
it turns into self-sabotage… unless the clutter takes on a
life of its own and keeps you/me from doing any real work. I’m
not clutter-shy (3 kids), but there is a difference between the
clutter we acquire during creative bursts and the clutter we
accumulate from apathy or worse.

BTW, my kids are turning into great little jewelers on their
own. They pound pennies with me and create wonderful necklaces.
They love your divided plate idea!

Regards to all - and Happy New Year! Mia

Hey Gang, On a positive note about workbench clutter;

I’ve created some pretty interesting pieces from “stuff” laying
around on my bench. :slight_smile: I’ve even found some new and interesting
ways to use tools - although not for what they were originally

A clean bench??? I’ve never seen one. Ken

i have found that using chinet ™ plates for holding treasures
i haven’t used yet works well, and you can slip a zip loc ™
baggie over the whole thing to be sure it doesn’t tip.

i noticed that i was getting quite a batch of gemstone
beads/chips strange stuff that ended up loose at the bottom,
strung it on some 30 gauge silver wire, and crocheted an End of
the Day piece, it ended up heart shaped freeform. there were
great colors, amber chips, topaz 4mm, some great garnets, 1&3mm
and even some czech beads… i did discover i am in a rut, lots
of crystal ab!

i also noticed that my freeform shapes are ending up heart
shaped, i may begin to pay attention to what i am doing to get
that shape. in the past, the just ended up random. but i do
like the way the end of the day piece worked up.

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