[Workshop] Chasing and Repousse on a Vessel

New Workshop with Valentin Yotkov

This is a three day workshop with a master metalsmith Valentin
Yotkov who will show you how to chase and repousse on a vessel. We
wanted to offer something new and exiting to address how to chase and
repousse on a 3d service.

Don’t miss this one. Valentin won’t be back until next year. This is
a 3 day workshop!

Chasing and Repousse on a Vessel


Instructor: Mr. Valentin Yotkov
Level: All Skill Levels
Requirements: Basic Metalsmithing Skills
Tuition: $ 595
Time: : 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Join us for this workshop and learn how the Greek and Thracian
goldsmiths used Chasing and Repousse to decorate their fantastic gold
and silver vessels. Beginners will chase intricate designs using fine
liners. Intermediate level students will master deep chasing which
resembles repousse, and those with advanced skills will create
designs in high relief using the snarling iron. All levels welcome.
Valentin Yotkov returns to Metalwerx to teach a new chasing and
repousse workshop using a copper vessel and working in 3D. This
workshop is perfect for those who have previously taken a chasing
workshop and wish to work in a new and exciting way or beginners who
wish to learn this ancient artform.

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