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[Workshop] Celtic Chip carving jewelry


Yesterday I spoke to the Fine Metals department head at the Peters
Valley Craft Center. He says that the class I am teaching in August
still has several spots available. I am hoping that in addition to
students who are interested in practical craftsmanship we might also
recruit someone from a more scholarly background who can use a
hands-on knowledge of the technique to help in the study of
antiquities. I am very excited about teaching chip carving, but I
will also teach some more familiar techniques. Of course the emphasis
will be on Celtic design and ornament. To learn more

Cast chip-carving is one of the foundation techniques seen in early
medieval Insular metalwork. It seems to have been entirely replaced
by lost wax casting by the 11th century. I have been doing lots of
trial bits in the past few weeks in preparation for my presentation
on how the stem of the Ardagh Chalice was molded. That will be given
in Limerick on Sunday immediately followed by Dr. Robert Stevick who
will talk about the design of the Shrine of Saint Patrick’s Bell.

Stephen Walker