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[Workshop] [Calgary] Fold-Forming Class

Hi All,

There are still a number of places in this 4 day fold-forming class
in Calgary at the Alberta College of Art and Design. It is timed so
that the day after the class finishes the Calgary Stampede starts,
giant parade, thousands of horses, rodeos, music all over etc. We are
also only an hour from Banff and the mountains. And if you take the
class you get to come see my studio and have a glass of wine in the
garden… best wishes, Charles

Fold-Forming Mon Thu, July 2 5

Charles Lewton-Brain invented fold forming, which is now
internationally recognized as a completely new way to work metal.
Forms are derived from the natural plasticity and ductility of the
metal. Shaping is extremely efficient and rapid many forms are
complete in 3-7 minutes. Tools are simple: fingers, hammer, anvil and
mill. Complex relief forms are made from sheets of metal often in one
annealing. Forms made with this method resemble chased constructed
and soldered forms and can be made with most metals, including steel.

Call 403-284-7640 to register.
time 9:00am 5:00pm
course code EXJw 009X1