[Workshop] [CA] weave and roll

I’ll be co-teaching a new, hybrid technique workshop here in San
Diego on Nov. 12, Sat. from 10-4 with Jay Whaley at Whaley Studios.
The name of the workshop is WEAVE AND ROLL and essentially presents
a super fast round weaving technique that we then run thru a rolling
mill to create an unusual type of rigid or stationery “chain”. You
can weave long strands quickly, cut them off at any point and
basically use them as stock to make all manner of interesting
jewelry pieces.

Jay and I discovered this rare technique about five years ago,
marveled at the results and have spent many hours exploring the
technique and creating multiple “recipes” for achieving maximal
results for students using different types and combinations of wires
and rolling mill settings. This is the first time this technique is
being taught and registration for this workshop closes November 1.
Electroplating these woven pieces will be taught as well as
additional patina and ink dye colorations. We’re very excited to
finally be able to present this workshop and for more
please go to whaleystudios.com, thanks

Lisa Van Herik