[Workshop] [CA] Grisaille and Cloisonne

The Crucible in Oakland, CA has one of the few dedicated classrooms
for enamel instruction in the U. S. We offer a complete non-credit
enameling curriculum, from beginning to advanced, over 4 yearly 10
week sessions. The enamel studio, which is superbly outfitted for
enameling, and the jewelery studio are physically linked and share
equipment. Class size is limited to 8 student in all enameling
classes. The Crucible can provide on discounted lodging
and public transportation for out-of-town students. Register online
at Industrial Art Classes in Oakland - The Crucible or by phone at 510-444-0919.

Two specialty weekend enamel intensives will be happening this

Grisaille - March 17 and 18, 10 AM to 5 PM, cost $305
Instructor: Olga Barmina

This class will cover traditional grisaille enameling as well as a
few experimental approaches to grisaille. Grisaille (“grey”) is the
application of white enamel to a black enamel background. After many
applications and firings the white sinks into the black to create
halftones and shading. This class will experiment with the
application of silver foil and a few touches of gold to enhance the
pieces. Later in the class students will have time to explore
sgraffito-style grisaille and other experimental approaches.

Small Scale Cloisonne Intensive - March 24 and 25, 10 AM
to 6 PM, cost $290
Instructor: Roberta Smith

Combine science with art in the intricate process of Cloisonne
enameling. Create your own small cloisonne pieces for jewelry or
small artwork while learning to use the rich, subtle, and distinctive
colors of transparent and opalescent enamels on fine silver. You will
be shown painterly shading techniques and high-gloss polishing
instruction will be covered.

For more about The Crucible’s enameling program please
feel free to contact me offline

Judy Stone
Crucible Enamel Department Head