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[Workshop] [CA] Diamond Setting

On July 18-22, 2016 This ‘arts center’ is having a 5-day intensive
training session on Diamond Setting. This training session will look
into gem-setting on the following topics: *Oval Bezel,
Channel-Setting, 4 & 6-prong Engagement rings, Gypsy/Flush & Princess
Center & accompanying Princess shaped stones in a wedding band.
*This in-depth class will be introducing the many uses of gravers on
all kinds of the setting projects.

What will the student learn? Each will learn how to shape & modify
their new gravers, as these new tools will be a great asset in
setting stones in the many years to come. With this class, there will
be extensive displays of different styles of setting, all using
gravers. This instructor will display over 85 finished silver rings
all with CZ’s, each will demonstrate how easy these settings can be.
This class will be 35 hours in duration! Each student wil receive
DVD’s with hundreds of files & folders, just on Gem-Stone Setting
with their techniques @ $ N/C.

Contact Nancy Gardner @ 1-707-937-5818 ext. #10 or 800-653-3328

Gerry Lewy