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[Workshop][CA] Damascus Steel as a Jewelry Element

Metal Art Society of Southern California presents

John L. Jensen
"Damascus Steel as a Jewelry Element"
September 10th & 11th, 2005
9am to 5pm at Cal State Long Beach

$105.00 for MASSC members
$130 for Non MASSC members

Additionally - John will provide the raw material and a selection of
patterns (in different price ranges) for the students that they will
purchase directly from him. (approximate. $30+ for 2 projects)

In this class students will be introduced to the use of Damascus
steel. This is not a class on making the material, but rather on how
to use it. John will cover the use of this ancient material, through
instruction on cutting, shaping, polishing, etching, drilling,
tapping, as well as other connection techniques via bezel, prong
setting, and soldering. Students will work on basic objects in class
such as cabochons, beads & pendants. John will be providing a rough
overview on how Damascus is made, and provide a list of reputable
suppliers. The class will teach metalsmiths how to approach the
material in a general and correct way, from the metallurgy of the
material to the decorative potential in shaping and etching. This
fundamental knowledge can then be applied to a wide range of objects.
Intermediate /advanced jewelers.

To sign up for this workshop Contact Ketarah Shaffer at 714-556-9285
(work 8am to 5pm ) or 949-643-9693 (before 8pm) or via email at

John Lewis Jensen
(323) 559 - 7454