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[Workshop] Bench Tricks and Foldforming


Hi All,

just a reminder that my workshops in Mass have been firmed up for
August. As well, there is the possibility of a chasing workshop near
best Charles

August 04-08 2010
Metalwerx School, Waltham, Mass.

Bench Tricks for Metalsmiths

If you are interested in homemade tools and bench tricks to speed
your production and understanding of metalsmithing, then this
workshop is for you! In one day, Charles will go over a loose,
eclectic collection of short cuts, bench tricks, stonesetting and
polishing hints and alternative equipment options for metalsmiths.
Cheap tool making, jewelers secrets and unexpected sources for tools
are described, many of which are described in Lewton-Brain’s book
Cheap Thrills in the Toolshop and the CD Bench Tricks for Goldsmiths.

Fold Forming
With Charles Lewton-Brain
05 August 2010 - 08 August 2010

This workshop delivers the whole system of hundreds of folds in four
days. You will learn to make folds in each of the main categories.
Forms are derived from the natural plasticity and ductility of the
metal. Shaping is extremely efficient and rapid many forms are
complete in three to seven minutes. Tools are simple: fingers,
hammer, anvil and mill. Complex relief forms are made from sheets of
metal often in one annealing. Forms made with this method resemble
chased constructed and soldered forms and can be made with most
metals, including steel.