[Workshop] Basic Hand Engraving

Last Basic Hand Engraving workshop for this year… Sept. 25th to
29th. This intensive workshop is suitable for both rank beginners and
those with a little experience. All tools and materials furnished.
Basic Ornamental, Heraldic, monogram, lettering, and texturing. For
jewelers, silversmiths, printmakers, and enamelists.

Try out all of the newest tools and techniques. New technology has
reduced the learning curve for hand engraving by 70%! If you might be
interested please contact me off forum.

I have decided to cut the number of workshops offered in 2007 to
give me a chance to spend some “quality time” at the bench and with
my family. This year was just far too hectic, time to back off a

Brian P. Marshall
Stockton Jewelry Arts School
Stockton, CA USA