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[Workshop] [Atlanta] Stone Setting


Dear all of Orchid!

I have a friend living in Atlanta, GA who wants to bring me down for
a week of training. To offset his expenses are there any other folks
interested in wanting to learn from me. Why? If there are 3-4 more
folks, then the total expense package could be drastically reduced
for all concerned. Everybody will win.

I will make every effort to make this class adventure a real “fun
time”. I will be showing and demo’ing Graver Shaping, Polishing
Gravers to all, plus a full seminar class in Stone/Diamond Setting.
Please write back to me via my email or phone me toll free at
1877-850-0003 E.S.T. @Gerald

Gerry Lewy!


Hello all, again!

If there are about 5 folks who would like to have me over for a few
days to teach. Let me know, and I will come down and help anyone in
the realm of stone setting. I am not using Orchid as a means of
advertising, but I am ready to help anyone in teaching this craft.
If I find that there are many openings around ANY country, per se. I
will, as sure as I’m writing this, will make a nice contribution to
Orchid. I am known for not going back on my word.

Gerry Lewy! @Gerald


Hi Gerald,

I wish you could get a course going at Metalwerx since it’s close to
me :)!



Hi all on Orchid!

I am now almost ready to ask for the final time to see if there are
any more people ready to take a 3day setting class with me. I have
already a store-workshop, with benches and lights. In fact the
storeowner wants to sit in on a class with ‘us’. The accommodations
have been provided and donated for at a slight “rental fee”. If this
isn’t an incentive to any others, what else can I do?

No past experience in setting is required, but just you must have
the drive to learn.

If things work out I would very much like to expand this service to
ALL ORCHIDIANS in different cities around the USA. I owe you all a
deep debt of gratitude for reading my setting notes, and putting up
with me…:>) LOL !

Gerry, the Cyber-Setter!