[Workshop] Argentium and X-oids

Hi all,

There are a couple spaces left in the workshop I’ll be teaching at
the League of New Hampshire Craftsman in Hanover, NH, June 24 & 25.
It is titled: Twist and Shout! Create Elegantly Twisted Spirals In
Argentium Sterling Silver And Shout With Glee Because There Is No

Here’s a description of the course:

While learning about how to make this evocative historical form, and
all it’s aesthetic possibilities in your work, you will also be
introduced to the exciting new alloy, Argentium[tm] Sterling Silver.
This material, invented in 1996, has greater ductility and
malleability than regular sterling silver. It can be precipitation
hardened using a kitchen oven, does not firescale, and is highly
tarnish resistant. Using basic metalsmithing tools and skills to
learn the process of this form, you will fabricate a sample that can
become a pin, pendant, or earring. If time allows, you may make a
larger and/or more complex object. (Examples of this type of form can
be seen in Cynthia Eid’s jewelry gallery: Tortive Bracelet, Tortive
Pendant II , and Torsion Within.) This workshop is appropriate for
students with basic jewelry and metalsmithing skills as well as

League of New Hampshire Craftsman
13 Lebanon St, Hanover, NH 03755 Phone: 603-643-5384
Email: craftstudies@valley.net
Web site: http://www.nhcrafts.org/hanover/jewelry.html

It’s always fun to have Orchidians in a class!

Cynthia Eid

Cynthia, I wish you were a little closer to the west coast (Oregon)
because I would love to take that workshop! I looked at your site,
beautiful work! Good luck with your workshop, I’ll bet it’s full
after your posting.

Lisa Hawthorne