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[Workshop] A Workshop on the Flexshaft

Hi Orchidians,

Most of us have flexshafts and some of us know how to use them well.
But I hear there are some awesome ways to use this simple and
ubiquitous tool that we would never guess. The reviews I have gotten
about Ann Hollerbach’s classes and this one in particular have been
glowing with some people repeating this workshop. We have a few
spaces left, so contact me to sign up asap. Open to members only but
membership is a whopping $30 per year and $5 for students.

PSG, Pennsylvania Society of Goldsmiths presents

Ann Hollerbach
A Workshop on the Flexshaft
April 16-17, 2005, 9-5
Moore College of Art

I would also like to invite any interested people to join our board.
We will be holding elections in the next 2 months and we are looking
for new ideas to keep our society fresh and lively. If you would
like free membership and are willing to put in some 'sweat-equity’
instead, contact me. Our annual meeting will be May 1, at the
University of Pennsylvania Museum for a private showing of the
Treasures of UR.

Esta Jo Schifter
President or