Working with clear wax sheet

I am trying to make a bezel necklace for a lions bone. I am using blue flat wire wax for the bezel and clear sheet wax for the base. Just wondering if anyone has any experience sealing the two waxes? Also the blue wire wax is difficult to clean up prior to casting any advise on this. I sealed the two pieces with my heat pen. Making this piece in gold.

The blue wire wax is crazy soft. I now buy blue wire wax in spools for that reason. I too, use a heat pen to attach waxes of differing types. If something is very soft, I sometimes cool it inthe freezer or fridge to give it a little strength for handling. It takes some experimenting to get your own feel for what your individual hand requires.
I’ve also cut waxes for bezels from very thin green sheet. That has worked well. It allows for alot of flexibility for non standard heights / widths of unique precious materials. I’ve also cast unique bezels strips to fabricate with and to make infinity bales / bezel settings. If the wax is too flimsy, you might leave a little of the backing wax beyond the bezel wire and trim / file it after casting. If there isn’t a totally clean edge seam between waxes on the outside, you could run a solder seam and then trim in a worst case scenario.
I also use (gross i know ;-( ) saliva as a soft wax polish on a artists oil painting bristle brush along with a blast of water to free up any wax bunnies that might be lurking. It buffs the non shiney wax up nicely. I can’t remember how I figured that one out. Caveat, if you push too hard or its room temperature , it deforms.

Hi Nor
I do a ton of wax carving. Almost always using green which is so user friendly and hard enough to take a long carve. Recently someone gave me a box of pink wax after fooling around with it for a while I took it to my piece to the caster. Boiling metal is NOT for me. My guy told me “super glue is the wax carvers friend.” It works try it. Good luck Michelle

Thanks so much for the input, I ordered a bezel wire and so far had luck with it. I will post a picture when it is done.

I am mortified that you are using “lion bone” in your piece. While I am sure it will be beautiful, lions are being hunted to extinction for their bones. This is indeed very sad and distasteful.

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I am not too worried about them, the lion, as endangered. A little research showed it is overblown nature will prevail. I will rejoice, however, when roaches are on the endangered list now that’s species survival. Ok I’m prepared for the resulting flames.


You said >>, when roaches are on the endangered list now that's species survival. LOL what ill the etsy person who was making ‘jewelry’ with live roaches attached to a clip that you could wear like a broach…..

Putting my asbestos undies on… I wait the replies


Cringe, eeeewwwwwww!

On the topic of animal (or human!) bones, if you’re interested in buying things from a reputable source, there’s a place called, The Bone Room in Berkley,CA. I’ve bought a handful of things from them and as far as I’m aware they’re on the up and up for all the parts.

Be sure you know your country’s wildlife laws. For example, in the US you could be reported to Fish and Wildlife Services to prove the provenance of the bones and that they are legal under CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species). Some other countries are much stricter than the US, some are more lax.

I know of several artists who have gotten into trouble selling jewelry and sculptures with found bird feathers. I can imagine a beloved and endangered species like lion would rile more people up to report you than a naturally molted eagle feather.