Working with argentium

Hi all

I have limited hours I can spend on the bench 2 to 3 days a week.

I used to make a lot of solitaires, cabs and faceted, set in silver.

But since using Argentium I find my bench time is taken up with just
making in silver.

I think this is because Argentium is so beautiful. That the
customers like the look of it better than sterling silver. And being
low tarnish is a real bonus.

My designs in Argentium are very simple as it shows of the quality
of the metal.

In Australia those who work in Argentium also mark with the
Australian sterling fineness mark 925 in an oval. This is to show
country of origin. I wish I could get a 935 in an oval as it would be
more technically correct.

Using the Australian fineness mark really annoys those who import
cheap jewellery from Asia and pass it off as Australian made. The
public are beginning to know what to look for.

Not all jewellery from Asia is rubbish a friend of mine has his
jewellery made in Nepal by a family of traditional silversmiths and
it is quality and beautiful. Her does very well but that said most
Asian silver jewellery is just rubbish metal and badly made. At least
what I see in Australia. And the stones are cubics no the real thing.
I was offered a 3 ct pink sapphire in pure LOL gold for $195 dollars
told the guy it was a cubic and showed him the price in a wholesale
gem dealers for that type of stone. Will never trust his wife’s
family again.

all the best