Working under a microscope

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Tell me though how do you like the microscope? I'm trying to learn
bead setting but I have a tough time seeing up close. I end up
using a 10X loupe after pretty much every operation. I bought
binocular glasses (like surgeons use) but the focal length is to
long on them for me to use them comfortably. 

About working under a microscope: At first, it was very foreign to
my eyes and it was difficult to not move my head around. I’d say it
took about 2 weeks for me to not think about it while working. Once
you get used to it, it works wonders because you can see EVERYTHING.
If you make it perfect under a microscope, it will be impeccable to
the naked eye. Also, make sure you concentrate on sitting up straight
(eye level with the microcsope so you’re not straining your neck to
look to far up or down). This is very important.