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Working by Yourself


I find that working by myself can be challenging, especially since
my workshop is in my home. To keep motivated I do several things:

  1. I take a jewelry class once a week at the local community center
  • it gets me out and I can have normal adult conversation (the cats
    are nice, but really!) and creative stimulus.
  1. Getting ready for a show is always motivating - I like to have
    new stuff to put out.

  2. Putting reasonable due dates on custom orders always gets me

  3. Friends and mentors in the ‘biz’ are always trying something new
    and I love the energy I get from being with them (thanks always Judy
    and Anne).

  4. I love stones and tools - my stones talk to me and some won’t be
    left in the riker mount too long before coming out to play; a new
    tool is a chance to try a new technique or finesse an old one.

  5. I look through catalogs and books for ideas and notice what
    people are wearing in movies, on TV, in print, and on the street.
    People usually love to get compliments on their jewelry.

  6. Patterns in nature inspire me.

I love learning and there’s so much to learn.

I admit that I don’t make my living from jewelry but it has paid for
itself, more or less, the past several years - although Tucson this
year was way too much fun.

I also don’t make jewelry full time so I can take time to play with
grandchildren and travel.

When the ‘muse’ isn’t on speaking terms with me and the shop elves
are on strike, I just sit and buff if I need to be in the shop. If
not, I go for a walk, go to the mountains, call a friend, have a
massage, or get my mind somewhere else entirely. I am, however, not
without paper and pencil so I can design on the fly when the muse
begins whispering again.

Good hunting,
Susan Bucknam
Talisman Design