Working at home --- alarm

Kim et al:

My insurance agent wanted me to have an alarm before he insured
the house because I am on six acres, he thought I was in the
country despite the fact that I have at least six neighbors
looking at me from up on a hill about 700 ft away (he didn’t know
anything about my shop at home), so I checked at Radio Shack and
they had a motion detector alarm system in a package for about
$200. I believe the motion detector is battery powered and
communicates with the alarm system wired into the phone without
wires. You program the system to dial up to four phone numbers
if the alarm is tripped. That’s the only problem, you can’t let
it dial 911, so you have to have someone (or one of four
someones) it can notify. If you already have an answering
service, that would work. More for your money than paying ADT
$25 each month. So, another alternative. Also, what about a
safe? That one that looks like a pipe you bury in the floor is
about $125 at Home Depot.

Roy (Jess)

Jess - Thanks you for the suggestions. The ADT installation fee
also covers the door and window trip alarms, but besides the
set-up fees i guess the reassurance of having someone on 24 hour
call is what you’re paying for. I’ve also found several used safe
companys in my area that frequently have floor safes (2’x2’x16")
which, along with a small safe for daily use, would work fine.
Anything would be preferable to having some huge dog barking at
the neighbors kids and s… in the garden, don’t you think?
Thanks again. Kim.