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Working as a freelance designer

I would be grateful for some re working as a freelance
designer for the Jewellery industry. I have worked in this way
periodically , but not in a fully organized way.

Do designers work with a contract and what type? Is payment by a
daily rate? How does this vary re different types of work. Finally is
there any websites with info re this area also. There are lots of
people working in Product and Graphic design, but difficult to link
up with colleagues working with the Jewellery industry. I have
previous experience of employment in the Jewellery sectors as a
jeweler, so I do know the sector , but not in this respect.

It would be great to get some info.

Breda Haugh

Hi Breda,

It’s good you have worked as a jeweler because typically jewelry
designers need to be able to design and then make what they have
designed in order to make a living. It’s important that the designer
has struggled to execute the pieces they have designed in order to
understand the limitations that exist. So that as you are designing a
piece you are aware of exactly how it will be made. The usually money
lies in your ability to bring your designs to life. It is hard to
find a position where you are purely a designer. That would only
exist if working for a larger manufacturer, usually found in larger
metropolitan areas. So if you want to work purely as a designer you
might check the vendor list of the JCK show, pick out some of the
manufacturers who have work that fits your style and contact them.
Perhaps you can show them some of your work and they will be willing
to pay you for your designs. Otherwise you may need to try for a 9-5
as an employee of one of the big boys.

Just some thoughts.


Take a look here

It could be a good start… Have a nice one

Ced the Belgian