Working alone

Hi Noel,

Just like Michael I work alone unless you consider my bob tailed cat
as a partner. My wife still works so that leaves me along all day to
work in my many jewelry areas. Because I live in a Town Home I have
my work areas spread out. I cut and polish stones in my storage room
on the carport, solder, cast, and final polish on my patio and do my
wax work another misc. stuff in my work room in the house. I get lots
of exercise because those nasty gremlins keep putting everything I
need in one of my other work areas. If I ever catch the gremlin that
keeps moving my stuff!!!

Working alone doing all the steps necessary to create art is not
always the most economical way to do things. Not everyone can create
art but many more people can be taught to do the polishing, casting
ETC. It must be fun designing things and letting someone else do the
work to complete the project.

I find it better if I work alone because I find I can easily talk
the day away if I had people around. If I really get lonely I take a
walk on the our Town Home property. I can always find someone to
discuss the disadvantages of a home owners association. That always
leaves me fired up.

I can turn up the volume of news, the music or TV so I can hear it.
Something I cannot do when my wife is home.

I can set the air conditioner or heater to what ever temperature I
feel comfortable at, which is usually too cold for others.

Of course it helps when you no longer have to make a living with
jewelry. I now can concentrate on creating things I really like and
not worry if they will sell.

Lee Epperson