Worker's Comp Insurance?

A business question for you today. How many bench jewelers out there
have their own Worker’s Compensation Insurance policy?

and if so, can anyone recommend an agent/source?

I started to just do quotes online and I wasn’t comfortable
broadcasting so much info to so many companies without running
through a filter first.

Thanks in advance.
Roseann Hanson

I posted a question about worker’s compensation insurance (for
people with staff, mostly), but also should have asked about long
versus short-term disability insurance. My thought was to get just
long-term, and self-insure for short term through savings plans.

Any thoughts welcome!

Desert Rose Design Studio
Tucson, Arizona

Insurance is NOT just who has the cheapest quote. That is only the
"best" while you have no claims. When you DO have claims, the "best"
becomes the insurer who will genuinely work WITH you, who will
listen, who will not hold your claims up forever, deny for frivolous
reasons, or try to deny coverage for things that are genuinely
covered. Then you spend hours and hours and hours and hours writing
letters, on the phone, over and over and over trying to get the
coverage you paid. Is the voice of experience showing through

The other piece is your insurance agent - the one who knows who you
are, says hello in the grocery store, knows your kids…maybe
coaches them in rec league sports. THAT agent will go after the
insurance company if need be to see that you get what is due you!
Some unknown somewhere on the internet is MUCH less likely to take
the same degree of interest! Although not all local agents are equal
either! We had one that had our homeowner’s and wanted us - this is
for real! - to sign a form promising we would not ever let lightning
hit our house again. For real. My husband told him that if he had
the power to make that kind of promise he wouldn’t need any insurance
at all! Our current agent has worked with us every time we’ve needed
him - and I promise you that makes a huge difference! He now has
both our personal and business insurance - and most of THAT is with
the same insurer, who has stood behind their policy time after time.
I highly recommend Auto-Owners Insurance!

Sorry for the “rant”, but if you haven’t spent years handling
insurance claims, as I have, you may well think cheaper is better.
It is not! IF you can get cheap WITH service and dependability,
fine. Otherwise, beware. You may regret your savings!

Beth in SC