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   So, here are my questions... --could anyone recommend a
catalogue for benches? I'm thinking of going to downtown LA to
check them out, but I do want to shop around and check out as
many options as I can. --what's a good price? I don't want to
pay too much. --and, if anyone has any wisdom about this
purchase they care to share, i would appreciate it. 

hi amery,

personally, i’d not make a bench if just starting out. there are
many things one can find out about personal dislikes and
preferences. i made a bench when just starting out and i lent it
to a friend many years ago.

i have the big frei borel bench and love it. but it isn’t for
one on a budget. progress machine and tool on olive st. near 5th,
downttwn la has a nice bench for about 300.00. it has a nice
’butcher block’ top and i feel it is a nice bargain. i have a
few particle board with formica cover benches collecting dust in
the garage. i’d part with one or both if your interested.

best regards,
geo fox