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Work tables and jeweler's benches

Does anyone know of a good resource for hardwood butcher block work
tables or table tops? I am setting up my first real studio and need
some solid work space. Also, I am looking for a resource of jeweler’s
benches to outfit a university studio. I have looked at the regular
jewelry suppliers, but would like to explore less expensive options.
I have seen some metal-framed benches and such that may serve the
students well. Thanks for the advice!

Erica Duffy

Erica, you might contact Kenneth Singh at 46th Street Jewelry Supply
in New York, in regards to goldsmiths benches. He has a wide variety
of models and price ranges, some of which are extremely economical
and functional.

Michael David Sturlin

Erica butcher blocks are available various woods, size & thickness.
We carry only one kind that is used in New York City Jewelry

We sell the Trays (metal line) too. You could make the legs or get
metal fabricated. Get your space on a piece of paper and see how you
want to layout.

Let me now if you need any help. All the supplies Bench Pins etc and
all the other items are easily available.

Kenneth Singh