Work on polishing

Thanks for the info. I do have another question if you have a moment
to answer. I have a couple of items that I got from Rio Grande that
I thought would work to polish between two or more closely set
stones and in other small spaces, but I don’t understand their use.
One is polishing pins that I don’t see in the current Rio Grande
catalog. I got them a good while ago. They are similar to items
q,r,s on page 150 of the 2002 Tools and Equipment catalog (called
AdvantEdge Diamond Polishing Pins and Kit). The other item is
AdvantEdge Silicone Polishers–the pink ones for very
fine/ultra-high shine). All I can do with either one of these tools
is to make a textured-typed look on the silver, i.e., not a smooth,
mirror-like shine. What am I doing wrong? Even if I could figure
that out, they don’t get up close to edges of things very well
(maybe I need to shape them).

J.S. Ellington