Work benches in Poland

Hi again

can anyone recomend a company who can supply me with a bench. All of
the jewelry benches i have see have been in The U.S and i am now
living in poland and the couple of places that do jewelry supplies
here only have realy cheap and nasty benches or i should say more
like tables here. I want a good quality one and i am willing to pay
for a good quality one too, If order from the U.S and spend like
$600+ then there is the shipping and then i get taxed big time here
to so realy i need somewhere in europe (less tax if any at all). Some
of the ones i found back in the good ole U.K have not been worth the
price they wanted for them in my opinion. As a last resort i will try
and find a carpentry place that could make me one but it would make
my life easy if i could just order one from a supplier

many thanks

Building Your Own Basic Bench:

Building Your Own Advanced Bench:

The Jeweler’s Bench Book By Charles Lewton-Brain:

The Jeweler’s Bench Exchange:

Marius Berus could probably help you if you don’t mind a used bench.
He is dealing in used tools and equipment for the jewellery industry.

BERUS Werkzeuge Maschinen

Habermehlstr. 28 D-75172 Pforzheim
Tel. +49/0-7231 4252082, Fax. +49/0-7231 4252089
Mobil +49/0/ 1727234473

BERUS Narzedzia Maszyny Polska

Boguslawskiego.15 PL-25432 Kielce
tel/fax.+48/0/ 41 3621733
mobil.+48/0/ 601408444

Hi, try Wojciech Kociuba shop in Krakow, you can also buy in
Germany. Good carpenters are in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska near Krakow. If
you need help, please contact me. pawel bielawski


Can you telephone local jewelry shops or local watch maker shops and
ask where where they buy a jewelers bench?

Good luck.
Mary A. in Norfolk MA

Hi Jason,

Some of the ones i found back in the good ole U.K have not been
worth the price they wanted for them in my opinion. 

The UK benches are a bit pricey - you’re right. I bought one from HS
Walsh (see link)

It’s 770 UKP inc VAT!!! Mine is exactly the same but has a solid
butcher’s block style wooden top rather than the green top in the
picture. You can get benches of the same (and maybe even higher
quality) in the US for possibly half the price.

Would the shipping and tax take the price of such a US bench over
and above the price of a similar one in the UK?

Another place to try maybe Germany? From what others say, they have
a good jewellery tradition so may have great benches at the right