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Work and study in California


Hello Orchid Members,

My name is Quisha and I’m an emerging jewelry designer. I was
inspired to start designing jewelry on a creative impulse ignited by
the wonderful fabrics and textures, etc. that I would see while
walking through the fashion district in New York City. I began
wearing the pieces I made, and I received numerous compliments on
them and well, long story short, I was eventually accepted into a
designer incubator and also sold my pieces on consignment in a few
boutiques in NYC. I’ve learned since then that if I really want to
make jewelry design a second career, I need to acquire the skills
necessary to create from a platform of limitless possibility.

Therefore, I’ve chosen to expand my skill-set by learning
metalsmithing, waxworking, etc. What has become brilliantly clear in
the process is that I have A LOT to learn. I just moved to Los
Angeles in March, and I’m currently taking my second class. If
anyone knows of job opportunities that support a work-study format
(as in getting paid while also learning skills), please let me know.
I am very eager to learn and willing to work hard in the right

Thanks a lot for any suggestions you can provide. I’m excited to be
a part of the Orchid forum and hope that I can be of help to someone
as well as learn!



Quisha- Congratulations on your chosen career path. You are so right
that it’s important to learn the basics of jewelry making. Once you
learn the media, you can play with infinity.

“Work Study” in this trade consists of getting a job in a busy
street trade shop or pawn shop as the grunt and doing the polishing
and all kinds of repair for minimum wages. It’s the fastest and maybe
the most grueling ways to learn, but worth it. Really.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.
Jo Haemer