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Word wrap?

The summary of 2/13/21 is very hard to read. The text seems to have been formatted for a giant monitor; anyone using one that’s less than a meter wide has to scroll sideways to read each line in a long post. Did someone forget to click the “word wrap” command?

Thanks @awerby ! We will look into this. Can you tell me what device you are using (laptop, desktop, ipad, iphone, etc) and what email program you are using as well? It word-wraps for me in gmail on a laptop but we want to make sure it wraps properly in every situation. Thanks!

Hi Leah;

I’m using Mozilla Thunderbird on a Windows 10 desktop. It worked fine up to that day, and has been working since - it just chose that one day to run off the screen.


OK thanks! I’ll take a close look at just that one day and see what we can figure out.