Worcestershire Sauce for Copper

Hi all-I was fascinated by the idea of using Worcestershire
Sauce to clean copper–so I tried it on the surface of a well
worn copper teakettle–and it worked Very well. I now have a
warm, shiny copper surface, a great smell, and I assume, a non
toxic kettle. Probably an expensive way to go, but I haven’t
yet compared costs! Sandra/ElegantBee

Hi, all - catsup works well on copper pots, too. I also use
lemon juice and salt. I use kosher salt because it’s a little
coarser. Martha Stewart sprinkles on the salt and then takes
half a lemon, rubbing it over the pan bottom - does the trick -
Martha has all the answers.

Or…try a half of a lemon dipped in salt…rub it all over the
copper…voila! …or any of a number of commercial polishes
that work as well or better…I do like the food solutions
though, they sound so homey.

Lisa…a.k.a. Heloise and her helpful hints,(rode the horses
today through yellow mustard that towered over our heads. wow!),
Topanga, CA USA