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Wooden Rings

I simply liked this dudes tenacity.
Check out

Hans -

Since I’ve become so metal sensitive on my hands, I might try this
as an alternative to the gold rings I can’t wear any more.

Sandra Graves

That’s alright. The comments are funny. That just gave me an idea
for a dead cherry tree in my yard. I don’t think I’ll layer it
though. Just cut and sand

Interesting, what metals are you sensitive too? When I run across
someone like you I usually alloy the gold myself taking out what
they are sensitive to thus solving the problem. I have so far never
found anyone of my clients that have a problem wearing green gold
alloyed with pure gold and pure silver. Just the way I deal with it.

Vernon Wilson

Ha! I had started my business with bentwood rings. I started with
just a hundred bucks and ambition. I was one of maybe seven in the
world making and selling them, but stopped a year ago when I had seen
lots more coming into the business.

I continue to make wood rings, but now I incorporate them into
precious metals. I love creating wooden engagement rings -


I used to be able to wear everything, but now even 18K gold is
unwearable for longer than a few short hours. One of these days I’ll
try titanium or some other more unusual metal and see how I react to
that. I can still wear most metal earrings but cannot wear my rings
at all and necklaces/chains are irritating enough that I have
switched many of my pendants over to leather or cording. I’m a
jeweler, I can alloy, but I love the pieces I already own and miss
not being able to wear them.

I might play with the wooden rings idea just for the fun of it.

Sandra Graves

Hello all

Try making something from Argentium, after heat treating it is
HYPOALLERGENIC & ANTIBACTERIAL. That is because there is a coating of
germanium on the surface.

all the best