Wishing for a good season


Well, it’s the last show of the year; Charlotte ACC. Here’s hoping
for a good performance. I spent the last 3 days waiting on parts to
come so I could finish the last minute items, cajoling and soothing
those clients whose work is left on my bench while I’m away, staying
up till all hours of the night doing those last minute things that
drive you crazy and coming up with some cool designs and solutions
to problems that you can only come up with when you are out of time,
your backs to the wall and you need a miracle! Doesn’t sound like
I’ve been doing much does it? No wonder I have 200 unread email
messages and about 20 saved messages that I can’t wait to have time
to respond to when I get back and the rush is over. Still, it
wouldn’t be Christmas for me if it wasn’t so hectic. I’m just lucky
that my tree is up and decorated. Well, it’s partially luck and
partially necessity as it keeps my two daughters entertained so they
don’t bug me.

For all those who believe in the power of prayer please keep me, and
just as important, my car in your thoughts. I don’t know what I am
pushing to the limit more, my body or my car with 189,000 miles on
it! Anyway, I changed the oil, some hoses and coolant, put some
bandages on my now worn, raw and tender fingertips and I’m off to
get some sleep.

Larry Taking my 2 and 69/73 year old daughter with me on the 3.5 hour
trip to stay with her Opa so my wife can get some rehearsing done
for her Holiday singing performances…this should be even more

Good Luck Larry, it’s nice to hear from another person who has
parenting challenges in addition to all the other kinds we face as
artists. I am looking at a slow year ahead as the mother of a new