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Wish list for free Rhino ring setting plug-ins?

I am finally at the point that I can write just anything for Rhino.

My goal to write a useful related set of plug-in’s that create
finished ring designs for visualization and manufacturing. These are
for the customer, retailer, and manufacturer. I am most interested
in settings that hold larger fancy diamonds.

With a such a plug-in you can design the ring in a few seconds by
entering in all the proper parameters. You can see an example of
this at:

What plug-ins would you like to see me write first?:

1.) Simple shanks/bands with many profile options?

2.) Lettered bands?, any demand for poems on rings?

3.) Simple Celtic designs with knots and braiding?

4.) Square shanks?

5.) Diamonds? - it’s a given, but where does it stand in your
priority list?

6.) Simple Tiffany settings? (Great for visualization when you can
do it in 2 seconds.)

7.) Eternity / Channel settings?

8.) Simple three stone rings?

9.) Settings with bezel heads for round and fancy shapes.

10.) Pave options?

11.) Automation tools? (example – create 5-10 basic setting models
for a diamond in your inventory, render them, then create the HTML
code to display all these on your web page?)

12.) What else???

Obviously some of these are related, and dependent on others. I
don’t have much interest at this point in signet and class rings,
but I will do some plug-ins for them if they are simple to do, and
demand is there.

Speak up, you have a change to steer the path of my development

Thanks Much,
Paul Krush

Probably the most useful plug-in for me right now is an automated
and intelligent pave’ tool that will handle complex designs with an
unlimited amount of stones. The plug-in should handle nesting and
prong layout efficiently and artistically, which choices for
different styles of layout. You could sell this! Along the same line
is a tool for handling invisible setting layouts, especially for
irregular shapes.

Jeffrey Everett

Paul, Pave options for arraying stones on a spherical surface would
be great James