Wirework resources

Hi folks. I am starting out in this business with my wife and we are
so far doing mainly basic wire wrapping for bracelets and earrings.
I am looking to get a step up into making pendants and wrapping
stones into our pieces. Can anyone recommend a good resource to learn
how to do more sophisticated wrapping. Most of what I have seen out
there involves vintage or bali style pieces. I am really serving a
more traditional crowd and looking for ideas along those lines. Any


Take a look at Wire Jewelry magazine. There is always one article in
each issue that involves a disciplined wire wrapping construction.
Also, there is a magazine (and workshops) specializing in that
method but I can’t recall the name.

Ruth Mary

Have you tried the DVDs by Dale Cougar? I found them quite useful.

do a search for Dale Armstrong, and/or Jim MacIntosh. Both have wire
wrapping books/dvds and websites.