Wirecraft classes

There have been several threads recently from new wire-wrappers, so I
want to broadcast that I just came back from the William Holland
Lapidary School in northern Georgia where I got extraordinary
instruction over a very intensive week. I learned an exhilarating
amount and had a wonderful time. Classes are no bigger than 8 and all
around you people are deeply enmeshed in wirework, cabbing,
silverwork, facetting, opalcutting, glassfusing and many other
aspects of jewelry arts. We were all so engrossed, I don’t think
anyone left the building at all for the first three days – and not
much after that, either, except to go dig at nearby sapphire mines or
hit the local rockshops. First rate teachers who volunteer their
time – which makes the week amazingly affordable – and an open
atmosphere so you can ask other instructors about their methods if
you’re interested in them. All in all a fabulous resource. I can’t
wait to go back. rhoda