Wire wrapping

 The size wire will also vary with the item.You can purchase
wire from Rio Grande 1-800 545 6566 and others. E-mail me
direct if you need ad good luck,Dave aditional info 

I always found that buying wire from a retailer was really
expensive and left me paranoid about experimenting because I was
spending a lot of money buying small quantities. Once you get
more involved with it, you might try buying wire direct from a
smelter. They can produce any gauge, any temper. Price breaks may
be given depending on the amount of wire bought, usually at 500 g
and 1 kg. (500 g makes a lot of wire, but since I make chains
that’s usually the amount I buy.) The smelter I deal with
doesn’t have a minimum purchase requirement. If you go together
with some people from your gem & mineral club you can save money
by buying volume.

Dianne Karg
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I custom order wire from TB Hagstoz in what they call #8
hardness (I dunno if this is an industry harness term or theirs)

  • they say that "a #2 is half hard, a #4 is full hard, so a #8 I
    think would be spring hard…

Anyway, it’s not good for wire wrapping unless you’re a
masochist and really want to develop ligament problems, but for
making pins for Y type necklaces or any necklace that involves
beads worked into chain, it’s great…the Official Three Year
Old Yank Test has proven to us that the chain will break before
the wire breaks and/or opens up.

The other up side to Hagstoz is that their wire doesn’t snap as
much as…other supplier’s wire does, you can manipulate it alot
with no breakage.

 I custom order wire from TB Hagstoz in what they call #8

Sounds like a quality supplier, would please supply their address
& phone number?


Dave Arens

Good morning. I know there are several good wire wrapers out in
Orchadville. I need an agate wrapped and am looking for one of
the best. Please e-mail me (@jbkjewel) or call (218 326
5206). Thanks. Jeff

Dear Jeff, One of the best wirewrappers I know teaches
wirewrapping at William Holland Lapidary School in Young Harris
Georgia. His name is Otto Glass and he is currently there until
August 1st.He has taught many successful wireworkers who have
then been featured in the new newsletter from Canada called
"Wired".People from all over the world come to take classes from
him and this August he has been invited to go to Alaska to teach
seminars there. He taught me and I am forever grateful to him
when I view work that is less than professional.William Harris
advertises in Lapidary Journal and in Wired and I believe in
Rock and Gem if you need their address. Best of Luck and If you
contact Otto, tell him Suzanne says “Hello”.
Sincerely, Suzanne