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Wire wrapping

does anyone know of school where this is taught?? in mid west
chgo?? or anyone who would teach and take on a student in mid

does anyone know of school where this is taught?? in mid west
chgo?? or anyone who would teach and take on a student in mid


I know a lady in chicago who had a booth selling her
wirewrapping at the International Gem and Jewelry show in
Rosemont last year who gives lessons. She said she does group
lessons, but did give me and my daughter a couple hours of
wirewrapping instruction for a very reasonable cost. I don’t
have her name here now, but will send it to you within a day or


I have seen a video advertised: Preston J. Reuther’s Complete
School of Wirecraft Jewelry. Never used it, so I can’t say how
good it is. The ad gives a web site address if you want to check
it out.


Hi Ann, Glad to see someone else is interested in working with
wire. I must tell you I’m not a professional jeweler, and that
this line of earrings, evolved from playing with copper wire.
About two years ago I found myself with some free time. being
somewhat of a practical joker, I fashioned a copper wire spider.
Paint spraying it black, and attaching it to a thin thread, and
(you’ve guessed it) proceeded to frighten some of my friends. One
buddy said,“can you make a crab? It’s my sign, you know a
horoscope sign for cancer.” Another one said," I’m a Scorpio. Can
you make a scorpion?" Etc.Etc. Some forty figures later, I made
my first earring, and about two dozen designs of earrings later,
brings me to today. I’m a professional industrial mechanic, and
a novice at oil paintings of landscapes. The experience of many
years of mechanical tinkering, (along with an artistic eye) has
allowed me to develop the tools. All the tools I use are
handmade, and as far as I can see, (and through a good bit of
research), this is a new process. The braided parts are done
using a jig.

I would love to go to the wire wrapping conference, however I’ll
be moving about that time. It was great to hear from you, and
please visit my home page at.
Do you have a home page or catalog? Please send. Tina

Tina, Hi there! I must have missed the thread about the wire
wrapping conference. Could you fill me in please? Rick and I are
advanced wire-wrapping artists and lapidaries. If you’ve got pix
to share or would like to communicate personally, just email us!


Rick and Kristi
Wire Wrapping Etcetera

Tina-Would love to have additional info on how to make different
"critters" out of wire. I make one I just call a “bug” out of
14Ktgf wire and austrian crystal, but I have a friend who has
made beautiful bead and wire scorpion and a crab. All he will
tell me is the scorpion took over 500 hours and he refusses to
sell it.

On the topic of wire hardness, we also use T.B. Hagstoz and have
for years. We have all our wire pulled at an #8 hard. It is real
hard on fingers and pliers, but it holds up so well that we can
give a guarantee for lifetime of owner.

We have friends that buy all their wire from Stern-learch it
looks to me like they do not sell less than 50 ounces in any one
size. He use to only use 21 ga 14Ktgf wire and easily purchased
in that quantity. We use all sizes sq, rd, 1/2 rd in everything
from 18 - 24 ga. The most we ever purchase in one size at one
time is 26 ounces. It is just to difficult to carry around with
you. Do any of you buy from this company? Would like some
additional input. Thanks jb

J. Byers

hi i too got my start wire wrapping, but now have gone to more
crochet with fine gauges, in fine and sterling silver. I would
love to hear more about this!

pat moses-caudel
wild poppy designs