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Wire wrapping jewelry

I am a newbie to the jewelry hobby and would like some advice on
how to learn about wire wrapping I have purchased some
nice wire wrapped pieces and am getting some neat elongated
emerald-cut stones for Christmas. Any suggestions on where to buy
gold and silver wire to wrap, helpful hints and books/guides on
this craft??? Thanks, Margaret

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Welcome, Margaret!

I do some wire wrap also. There are a few books out there, many
of them unfortunately advocate styles which were typical of
1960’s jewelry, or which are hopelessly tarted up with rosettes,
etc. Best book I have found so far is

Gold Wire Jewelry Design and Construction
	by Randall Cornelius

Which can be ordered from

Billie M. Cornelius
423 Terry Parkway
Terrytown, LA 70056-2780.

Wire wrap videos are also available, advertised in the Lapidary
Journal. They are, however, fairly pricey.


glad you are going to try wire wrapping. I sell and teach
locally here in SW Florida. It would be best to locate the
nearest gem and mineral club and ask if they have a member who
wire wraps. If you could get one-on-one help to get started it
will be so much easier. However there are some books on the
market that are acceptable in fundamentals Once you learn the
basics that make the item structurally strong, then you can let
your own creativity take over. Look in Lapidary Journal book and
video section for some listings. Remember , there are two basic
types of wrapping. One is the traditional and the other is the
freeform scroll. The wire used is different for these two
types.I generally use 22 ga. sguare, 1/2 hard, 1/20 14 kt gold
filled or sterling for the traditional. For the scroll type I use
the same except dead soft rather than 1/2 hard.The size wire will
also vary with the item.You can purchase wire from Rio Grande
1-800 545 6566 and others. E-mail me direct if you need ad good
luck,Daveditional info