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Wire weaving technique of Mary Lee Hu

My first message to the list!

I recently paid a long-overdue visit to the Susan Cummins Gallery in
Mill Valley CA, just north of San Francisco, and came upon a few
pieces by Mary Lee Hu. Ms. Hu’s work is, in a word, miraculous. The
piece I’m reflecting upon is a neckpiece of what appears to be a
ruffled ribbon of tightly woven 22k gold fine gauge wire, bordered by
three slightly heavier gauge wires on each edge. There were a few
other pieces too, but this one was the showstopper for me. If you get
the chance to go, please treat yourself. Lisa Gralnick’s magnificent
work is also on display this month – what a wonderful Saturday I had
up there with my son!

I’ve researched the archives, seen that someone has addressed a
message to Ms. Hu directly over the list, but have found no
description of her techniques. I’m very eager to learn how she
accomplishes this kind of work, and would love private or public
follow up by anyone who can guide me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance,

Greetings all, the message about Mary Lee Hu reminded me that I’ve
wanted to try and find out if she is still teaching or doing
workshops. Anybody know her e-mail address? I would love to take a
workshop with her. Betty(In beautiful downtown Bryn Mawr, PA where
it’s too cold too early)

You should be able to reach MaryLee Hu by looking her up in the SNAG
directory. If you don’t have one I could check for you (though you
really should consider joining SNAG if you are not a member). - Deb

Hi, Marc-

You might want to get a copy of the book Textile Techniques in Metal
by Arlene Fisch. various techniques of metal weaving, braiding,
knitting, etc are discussed, and several of Mary Lee Hu’s pieces are

Lee Einer

Cynthia, my wife, remembers seeing her work & loved it. Our ensuing
dicussion I remember her stating she is in the Pacific NW in the
Seattle area. Possibly associated with the Univ. of WA Art Dept. Hope
that helps BobnCyn Gold Impressions

Last I heard (August 28 or so) Mary Lee Hu was still working at the
University Of Wasington In Seattle. My Roomate and visited the
campus there in hopes of checking out their graduate program… I’m
sure you could look her email up on the U Dub Webpage

:slight_smile: Amanda

Marc, The book by Arline Fisch “Textile Techniques in Metals” has
very good photographs of several of Mary Lee Hu’s wonderful
creations. There is very concise on a wide variety of
structures and weaving techniques.

Michael David Sturlin, jewelry artist @Michael_Sturlin

Michael Sturlin Studio, Scottsdale Arizona USA

Hi Marc. Yup Mary Hu’s work is amazing. She teaches out of the metals
dept at University of Washington, Seattle. Hannah in Seattle where
the sun shone today.

Regarding “Textile Technniques in Metal” by Arline Fisch, that book
is now out of print so you may not be able to track one down at the
present time. Arline indicated,in a recent workshop, that she is
looking around for another publisher and the book will hopefully
again be available. Susan Ronan visiting beautiful San Francisco,
hoping to visit Alan Revere’s school! lists two used copies of Textile Techniques in Metal
for $45.00 (each) and directs you to where you can purchase them. Sandra

Mary Lee Hu is a professor and head of the Metals Program at the
University of Washington School of Art, which is located in the
lovely, and aptly named, university district of Seattle, Washington.
Her email address is:

And the UW School of Art’s web page is:

Mary just gave a fabulous lecture yesterday on "Jewelry as Identity"
to the NW Jewelry/Metals Symposium. She made me want to go back to
school expressly to work with her!

-Julia in Seattle