Wire vs sheet solder

What is your favorite style of solder and why? Is there an advantage
to using wire vs sheet? I am of the school that wire is the most
versatile. If you need sheet, then just roll wire flat.

Wire is wonderful in certain applications. I like to be able to cut
multiples of one size (any size I choose) very quickly so for me
sheet is the way to go. I tend to do batches of soldering work - so I
line everything up and cut what I need.

My choice is wire solder. Roll it when flat is needed. But it saves
a lot oftime when soldering a long seam such as a base on a vessel.
Place one or two snippets on the joint and when those melt and run
you can hold the wire and feed it by hand. Saves the trouble of
placing all this little pieces. If you’re careful the solder will
flow beautifully and there will be hardly any excess solder to clean


I tend to use sheet, as you can cut many tiny pallions very quickly.
To cut that many from wire would take considerably longer, as you
are cutting one tiny bit at a time rather than cutting a fringe of
very narrow strips and thencut right across the fringe, as you do
with sheet.

I have used wire when it was all that was available (such as the few
occasions when I’ve bought gold solder), and it’s been no different
in usage as faras I can tell with the sort of soldering I do, but I
prefer sheet for the reasons stated above.