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Wire treble, bass clef heart troubles

Hey all,

So I’ve taught myself how to make a treble/bass clef heart out of
18ga sterling silver wire. The clefs are wire wrapped together at the
top and connected at the bottom by a loop on the bass clef.

I’ve made the design quite a few times and more often than not, the
two clefs want to fold in on each other, like a book.

I’ve solved this by putting a drop of glue on the inside the wire
wrap but I’d like to find a better solution. This isn’t the first
time my wire wrapped creations want to warp and bend out of shape.

Any experienced wire wrappers have a solution? Am I wrapping too


Hi Rebekah,

Try hammering the wire before wrapping it to square it offa little.
You could also try Half Round Wire or after you wrap, use a rawhide
or delrin hammer and gently hammer the wraps so they flatten a
little, be careful not to hammer too hard or you will weaken the
wrap. If you doit gently you can get a nice flat surface on the wraps
which will shine nicely and it will hold onto the wire as well.


Thank you Monica! I like the idea of hammering the wraps lightly.
I’m in the process of making more of the pendants so I’ll give that a
try when I get to that point!

Thank you again!