Wire draw bench

Hi, i aquired an old draw bench for making wire .
The label on the machine says Boniardi Umberto.
I could not find any info in the computer but i’m not savvy to find things easy.
I tried on your site but that too didn’t come easy . Maybe i didn’t write in the right subject ?
Anyway I cleaned up the chain and re oiled it with car oil .
But i feel when i turn the handle to draw the wire its not smooth (it is a bit jumpy). If i turn the hand to make it go backwards , i think it runs much smoother . someone suggested i turn the gears (there are three ) but i don’t see how to get them out .
Also the chain hangs low , i wondered if i should try to take out some of the links and it should be tighter , or does that not really have anything to do with the performance ?
Any suggestions on how to maintain this will be good too.
Thanks , Marna

Came up on a google search

Maybe they could provide more information

Dear Mr. Rwade,

Please sort out my problem.

We are working on Gemstones like cubic zircon, emerald and quartz whose size ranges from 0.5 to 1 mm. We used these gemstones in watches. We got all machines like swiss or other but the problem is that during pre-forming there is something wrong in it. Please let us know if there is any other machine… Kindly help out for sorting this problem.

I don’t have any additional information. I thought that the company link could perhaps provide manuals or know how to get them.

Do you have a model number of the equipment? Perhaps pictures would help if you could upload them.

I’m good at research and would be happy to assist in that way.

Regards RLW


Thank you very much for taking interest on our behalf. We are sending you the picture of the machine we bought from Switzerland. See if you help us for pre-forming 1mm and less stones. Are if you can recommend some consultant company who can help us. Many many thanks.